Creamy dill soup
75 CZK

with sous-vide egg and mushrooms

Spicy bean soup
95 CZK

with sausage, cheddar, sour cream


Veal tartare
159 CZK

andalouse sauce, red onion, capers, bacon chips, baguette

Pulled goose meat
149 CZK

chili cabbage, gherkins, horseradish, bread

Kids' meals

Chicken cutlet
159 CZK

mashed potatoes or french fries

Chicken burger
219 CZK

with cheddar and ketchup, french fries


Fallow venison roast with rose hip sauce
299 CZK

bread dumplings

¼ roast goose
299 CZK

red cabbage with plums, variation of dumplings

Venison burger with cheddar / doubleburger
289 / 385 CZK

sesame seed bun, bacon, BBQ dip, french fries with cheddar sauce

Venison tartare
289 CZK

fried bread slices

Chicken Cordon Bleu
265 CZK

filled with ham and gouda, french fries, tartar sauce, coleslaw

Veal Wiener schnitzel
325 CZK

mashed potatoes, small salad

Chicken breast in bacon crust
269 CZK

potato gratin, parmesan sauce, broccoli, carrot

Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon
275 CZK

jacket potato with cheese and onion, peppercorn sauce

Sous-vide pork tenderloin with spaetzle
275 CZK

zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, Gruyère

Marinated Texas BBQ Pork Chop
279 CZK

ranch style beans, baked potatoes, fried egg

Roasted beef brisket
379 CZK

jacket potato with cheddar, corn O’Brien

Flank steak
419 CZK

potato skewer with bacon and onion, grilled little gem, Gruyère

299 CZK

fried pike perch strips, pea-mint purée, french fries, peas

Pike perch fillet
299 CZK

on salad of potatoes, peas, radishes and apples, honey-mustard dressing

Homemade spaetzle with with zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes
259 CZK

Oyster mushrooms cracklings, Gruyère

Caesar salad /
with chicken breast
195 / 239 CZK

bread croutons, bacon dust, parmesan

Small bites

French fries with cheddar and jalapeños
99 CZK
Potato crisps, dip
89 CZK
Onion rings, dip
89 CZK
Cheese board
159 CZK
Roasted almonds
75 CZK
Marinated olives
75 CZK


Fried ice cream
99 CZK

strawberry coulis

Yoghurt panna cotta
129 CZK

crispy pumpkin

All prepared meals may contain allergens. Further information on the individual allergen groups contained in specific foods is available on request.